Saturn at Opposition

Tonight makes an excellent opportunity to view Saturn from dusk till dawn as the earth will be between Saturn and the Sun. (Photo by NASA) Saturn will rise from the East around Sunset and continue across the sky all the long until it sets in the west at Sunrise, it's very similar to the path... Continue Reading →


The Crescent Moon and Venus

So tomorrow (05/22) before Sunrise you should be able to get a nice shot of Venus and the Moon together (separated by 3-4 degrees). I'll try to wake up before sunrise but since I already go to bed so late...that might prove to be a challenge. If you know where to look you might be... Continue Reading →

Cloudy Weather

    This past week has been really cloudy here in So. Cal so I haven't had a chance to do much star gazing, however the weather looks nice for this weekend so I'm going to try to snap up pictures of Saturn and the Eta Aquarids Meteor shower. The Aquarids stop being visible around... Continue Reading →

Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower

There is a meteor shower going on this weekend. This shower is due to the famous Halley's Comet, we pass through it's tail every late April to early May. Unfortunately for me this shower is best seen from the Southern Hemisphere. Look for the Aquarius Constellation during the predawn hours of Saturday or Sunday, you... Continue Reading →

Saturn and Jupiter

Don't forget that all month long you can view Saturn and Jupiter in the night sky, you don't even need scopes to see them and they'll be bright and visible. I posted a chart of where you can look at Midnight (PST) from Los Angeles California. Obviously they'll be in the night sky for a... Continue Reading →

A blog about star stuff

I've decided to set up a blog where I can detail my adventures in astronomy. I'm currently going to school to (hopefully) one day become an actual Astronomer. But in the mean time I like to keep myself engaged by studying the stars on my own. I own a pair of binoculars and I recently... Continue Reading →

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